Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: Game of Thrones

Playing a timid, angelic creature yearning to return home to recapture her rightful throne, actress Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) explains her character to the editors at Nylon magazine this month. "She starts off as this very submissive, exiled princess, then by the end she's kicking ass," says the London-born, 23-year-old.

photos via fanpop.com
In addition to erotically wooing her savage husband, the chieftain of the Dothraki, she starts to exert control over the army she has been forced to marry into. "Dany" also dresses in the shadow of a goddess, floating about in sheer Greek-turned-tribal sheaths, gladiator sandals, and earthy garments that cohesively clash with her weathered, wavy coif of pale blonde hair.

Clarke's character is truly a female to live and dress by this spring and summer?

The Designer
Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 RTW
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The Dress
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The Shoe

The Accessory

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  1. i have yet to see this show, but from what i see of the above photos i definitely like her style!


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