Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cool Ridah: Holiday Party Outfit Inspiration

(Photos via Fanpop)
Remember how insanely gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer was atop that ladder in Grease 2, singing her pretty little heart out, all in the name of leather man pants and motorcycles?

Admit it, from time to time you bust out "Cool Rider" in the shower, vowing to find your very own own bad boy. But before you know it, you get all hot and bothered while lathering up, straining your vocal chords.

But that's OK because "One fine night, you'll be holding on tight..." and because Stephanie Z's wardrobe in the movie is pretty in sync with what we're seeing on the streets today (tight black pants, biker boots, gold hoop earrings, candy apple lips, etc.). Come on, Kate Moss is practically singing the song herself. Let's try and recreate this look for the holiday parties we have coming up, shall we?

Told you so!
Get some new Bangs! Why? Because choppy locks soften features. 
(Photo via Bella Sugar)
Purchase a real deal leather jacket to achieve that authentic biker 'tude.
(Photo from All Saints)

Slip those feet into some rock star worthy booties,  like these from Jeffrey Campbell.
(Photo via Nasty Gal)
Feed your lobes with a pair of updated spike hoops, a definite staple.
(Photo via Bergdorf Goodman)
Invest in this sheer, black top from UO and don't be afraid to tuck it on in. 
(Photo from Urban Outfitters)
Get some tight black legging like pants that make you wanna dance and climb ladders.  
(Photo from Forever 21)

Seal your lips with MAC's perfect (and I mean perfect) Russian Red.
(Photo from Sugar Scape) 


  1. I love MAC! I definitely want to invest in so many lippies it's not funny! You have a great blog. Let me know if you would like to follow each other :) Have a great day xx

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