Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monogram the &*^(%t out of it!

The day my mom bought me a bubblegum pink L.L. Bean backpack with my initials sewn onto to the back pocket was one of the best days of my life. But only until Olivia (a fictional name used to replace the real one), an elementary school foe of mine who used to battle me to the death in Tetherball, jumped out of her mom's minivan with the same bag in teal. Her obnoxious smile and shiny brown curls, coupled with the muscular arms she used to fiercely swing that ball at me with, only made things worse.

I felt betrayed, I felt mimicked and I felt jealous. Monogramming my initials onto a brightly colored knapsack, one so big that it covered by entire backside, was my idea--OK, it was Michelle Tanner's too--but you get where I'm coming from.

Monogramming is in pretty high demand again. But instead of imprinting nylon, it's all about tattooing leather briefcases and Goyard totes. It is kind of obnoxious, but so was reading aloud that "unexpected" note inside your Strawberry Shortcake/Transformer's lunch box from your mom.

(Simon Doonan photographed in all of his Goyard Glory by Hintmag.com)
(4th and Bleeker) 
(A shot by Street Fsn)

(Rebecca Minkoff's darling Monogrammed Companion Pouch)

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