Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kudos to Donatella

Sorry ladies, this posting's all about the guys today, and guys...boy are you in for a treat!

I've been trying to keep up with Milan Fashion week, which is taking place as we speak, and wanted to diversify my selections to provide you with an unmatched taste of this year's fashion forecast but honestly nothing turns me on more than Versace's 2011 spring/summer menswear collection...nothing! Donatella wowed me so far beyond any other designer that I had to dedicate an entire day to her pieces.

It's hard to believe the orange-tinted female designer did not have anyone but James Dean and Duckie on her mind when she was toiling over her cigarette slacks, striped vests, rat pack shoes and gargantuan silver rings. But the real reason I'm in love is very simply because she chose a black and white 1980's prom floor--wait, sock hop diner for her runway, serving up gaunt tattooed models who look as though they are stepping out of a white Cadillac limo and into a spruced up gym for prom night on a silver platter. And then she throws in greased James Dean hair...ugh, I can't go on any more. I'm obsessed. You'll see why.

To my benefit she's pleasantly schizophrenic...one minute there's a half-naked tattooed biker boy resembling Dean and next is Molly Ringwald's biggest fan gliding down the runway--it's like the perfect movie night. Boys, get ready because I see lots and lots of hair gel and burgundy in your future.

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