Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nothing solves a problem like Sangria

In celebration of last night's "Bethenny Getting Married" premiere on Bravo and the star's famous Skinny Girl Margarita, I've decided to share my version of the perfect sangria recipe with you; let's name it, Big-Busted Girl Sangria.

This simple amalgamation of smooth Spanish red wine infused with Grand Marnier is heavenly, refreshing and strong enough to get you through any situation, including a battle with a crazed, maniacal, bi-polar, manly looking, ex-model such as Kelly Bensimon (yes, I'm on team Bethenny). You don't even need to chop and add fruit--it's that easy to concoct and ideal for the garden party you've planned this summer (see recipe below).

But what about an outfit to complement your new signature drink? Enter Penelope Cruz's Spanish countryside vixen look from Vicky Cristina Barcelona; her simple white peasant dress topped off with a vintage black boater's hat is something I've been trying to recreate for months. Therefore, let's scope out some hats and dresses to bring this look back to life. Lately, I've been crushing on Daughters of the Revolution's ( maxi dresses--they have that desirable hippie edge, yet are elegant enough for afternoon tea or a day of shopping in Seville (if you're lucky enough to be traveling this summer).

Comer, beber y reir! (Eat, drink and laugh!)

Shop the looks from top to bottom: Daughters of the Revolution's Organic Cotton and hemp blend Butterfly dress with J. Crew's Panama Hat; Daughters of the Revolution's Sunshine Bohemian Print Dress with Brixton's Iris Hat; American Eagle's Aerie Lace Trim Crochet Dress with ASOS' Corsage Boater Hat.

Big-Busted Girl Sangria
1 Part Spanish Red Wine (something fruity, preferably Malbec)
1/4 Part Martinelli's apple juice
Splash of orange Juice
Splash of seven-up
Splash of Grand Marnier

Stir well and serve over ice (garnish with Blood Orange slices if you'd like)


  1. Loving the new look of the blog! And loving that J. Crew hat - I think I need it! Um...Big-Busted Girl Sangria - LOVE IT!


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