Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's Get High!

R.I.P. you 439 Marijuana dispensaries that the city of Los Angeles shut down

In an effort to remember these businesses, I've decided to devote today's posting to the latest and greatest sky-high platforms I've spotted throughout my in-store and online browsing, ones that truly embrace the mantra, "the higher the better." I'm not referring to 4-inch heels, I'm talking 5-inch plus stilts that have been known to cause nose bleeds and broken ankles (even Miranda Kerr, who is pictured above, has to hold on for dear life in her silk and python Giambattistas).

Anyone who knows me, knows I'll take the risk because I'm constantly starving for height, especially when it comes to Steve Madden's Caryssa Pumps, which come in a multitude of colors and channel Casadei's triple platforms for way less. And even Joe's Jean's new shoe line offers an amazing rendition of a Miu Miu wooden platform sandal--did I mention the collection is so much more fun than the snoozeable denim they sell.

If you've never tried this height-increasing tactic, you'll love it. I know, peer pressure kills, but what's the worst that could get complimented on your killer legs?

To match today's theme, I'm introducing you to the Joan's on Third "Magic Bar," a shortbread cookie-brownie hybrid, which you should try not to inhale too quickly. For more information, visit

From top to bottom: Ashish for Top Shop's Buckle Woven Wedges; Joe's Jean's Diva Platform Sandals; Proenza Schouler's Woven Leather Platforms; Steve Madden's Caryssa Pumps.

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  1. LOVE the platforms! I am always searching for new shoes to add a couple inches. And I NEED to try that Magic Bar the next time I am Jones - YUM!


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