Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Girls Just Want Leggings

(Photo via Fanpop.com)

"Slow, slow...quick, quick, slow...Dance City Heaven!"

S.J.P. might be all enrobed in haute couture these days, but back in the mid-80's, she just couldn't wear enough spandex and Lycra on her thin, toned 20-year-old thighs.

While gallivanting through Chicago with Lynne and Jeff in Girls Just Want to Fun, her character, Janey Glenn, danced 'til she dropped and tumbled away in hot pink leggings and much much more, if you recall.

But why is it that these stretchy dream pants (that quite honestly any of us could sleep pass out in) have made such a comeback? Is it because they come in all shapes, colors and sizes? Or is it because girls like me who barely reach 5'2" can finally look hot and trim in leather pants? Or are they just easier to throw on than jeans--you normally have to squat a few times until denim molds back to your body--some days, lets be honest, you feel like your molding yourself to fit your favorite pair instead?

Whether they're equestrian or Cindy Lauper-inspired, I'm 100% on board. If I had a closet solely dedicated to leggings, and I'm sure some women do, I would hang these in there:

(Amber and Thomas Leather Legging Pants via 4th and Bleeker)

(Funktional Leather Vixen Leggings from Planet Blue)

(Bird By Juicy Leather Leggings at Ssense.com)

(Love Moschino Leggings at Yoox)

(Alexander McQueen Celtic Lace Leggings at Net-A-Porter)


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