Friday, August 20, 2010

Girls With Junk Food

I leave you with this as the weekend commences: remember to indulge a little bit!

The following lovely ladies know how to have fun. I mean, isn't this what pops into your head when you think of the age-old phrase, "ladies who lunch"?

MMM MMM good.


Agyness Deyn Eats Cheetos in V Magazine's September Issue

Heidi Klum loves chocolate in Heidilicious
Jessica Stam sucks on a cherry during one of her astounding couture moments


  1. Blair and Serena photo is obvi my favorite... nice homage to junk food.

  2. These are great!!! Makes me want an ice cream sundae! :)

  3. Love the photo with Agyness! I also like the last photo w/ Jessica, she looks soo different with dark hair. I really like your blog! I am now following it and looking forward to your updates.

    -Brent Billiman

  4. Cheetos and icecream!! My all time guilty pleasures!! Love the pictures and love junk food! But I only indulge in them once in a while! xoxoxoxoxoo

  5. You can see Heidi'ss boobies!!! Ice cream and boobies = my favourite things.

  6. Love Blair and serena's photos.
    I'm back, how're you?


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