Monday, August 23, 2010

Let the X games begin

(X Train Bar rendering from

When it comes time for a legendary trek out to Vegas, I'd rather drive than fly. "Why?" you ask. Because I save some much needed dough for a pair of Giuseppe's at The Forum Shops, pole dancing lessons or an extra day of cocktail therapy at Rehab. 

But come New Year's Eve 2011, I'll be permanently changing  my routine because the "X" Train will be hitting the already-laid tracks in style, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (and vice versa) in under six hours, with a variety of gaming cars, private suites and acclaimed chef/proprietor Rick Moonen's fine cuisine.  Facebook updates will forever be changed; instead of typing "En route to Vegas" we'll all be rushing out the door writing, "Boarding the choo choo to Sin City!" 

Moonen, a  finalist on Season 2 of "Top Chef Masters," plans to keep the food and drink delicious and inexpensive with beers for $3 and sushi galore. If you're not familiar with the Vegas-based seafood master, he's competitive as all h--l and pretty hard core when it comes to working with his beloved sea creatures; perfection is the name of his game. 

At his flagship restaurant, rm seafood housed inside the MGM Grand, specialties include a Catfish Sloppy Joe for lunch, Pacific Swordfish Milanese for dinner and a Tasmanian Devil Roll (tasmanian ocean trout, scallion, jicama, sweet miso topped with trout belly and micro shiso) for sushi . His fare becoming the ritualistic start to my weekend of debauchery will be one bet I'll definitely place. 

Roundtrip pre-party-on-wheels passes will cost $99 and get you there Thursday through Monday--just in time for the prime partying days. The only problem I can foresee is having to come up with yet another Vegas outfit! 

Expand your culinary knowledge by viewing the following video of Mr. Moonen's "Top Chef Masters Kitchen Tour": 


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