Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Mall Heard 'Round the World

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A couple of weeks ago, my best friend randomly coined and started using the word, shamazing (pronounced sha-mauzz-ing). I of course instinctively added it to my everyday vocabulary. Now, whenever we go shopping together, we automatically yell out the word when we see something worth--well--a shoutout.

Our trip to the newly re-done Santa Monica Place this weekend was anything but shamazing. Aside from the $12 valet parking fee, mini pop-up shops acting as stores, yoga taking place in the middle of the mall (I mean, what?), the one-story Barney's Co-Op which made us yawn and Hot Topic, some 50-something-year-old mom in Bloomingdale's told me NOT to buy a pair of bejeweled spiked Sam Edelman's because she was going to purchase them. The swarm of tourists posing in front of the unopened Tory Burch store's orange doors didn't even compare to this experience.

However, I do think it is an improvement on the original mall, which I spent many an afternoon at during my teenage years when my mom was still driving me around. The food court was lined with such vendors as The Great Steak and Potato Company and the dated collection of stores included a Warner Bros. So, as you can see, the place did need a serious face lift; it definitely accomplishes that and Nordstrom does look shamazing!

We got a sneak peak at the department store during a somewhat painful bra-fitting experience which served as a promotion and a way to give back to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. We were taken captive in a large dressing room, told to strip off our tops and then measured in front of each other. Even though it was an uncomfortable whirlwind, I fell in love with a $68 Chantelle bra, my best friend fell in love with one for $75 and we were both amusingly scarred for life. But, at least we got a sneak-peak at our new Nordie's, which is the only reason I'll be frequenting the mall. With personal stylists (my age, thank goodness) and three floors of exquisite merchandise, the department store is a much-needed staple for us Westsiders.

I always look on the bright side, so I am going to share some items I did go bonkers for and will be eventually purchasing.

Ever's Roatan Pullover Sweater; Sam Edelman's Lorissa Pumps; Benefit's Crescent Row perfume collection; All Saints' Nirvana Vest; Freelook's Aquamarina II watch in two-tone stainless steel. 

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