Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Come On In

Let me preface today's piece by saying, this is not an outfit post! My friend, Nilou Lueck, had to snap a few portrait shots as part of a photography class homework assignment. I volunteered my face and my place of residence with the ambition of  becoming less camera shy.

Thus, the shoot begins and Nilou beautifully captures a lazy Thursday evening in the life of Valerie Friedrich. I think the aspiring artist has a bright future ahead of her. What do you think?

One additional note: I do not smoke any more, but love the visual presentation of smoking in photos; the act gives the hands and mouth some sort of purpose. That's why I have my furry children in most of the shots that you're about to see.


  1. absolutely love how you encorporated your dogs into your post! any blog with animals is a success in my book!

    just starting out on my blog and would love any feedback you have time for!!

    peace & love,
    shannon @ croissantsforeveryone.blogspot.com

  2. Cody is such a prince. What a looker his mama is too. These pics are awesome.


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