Friday, November 12, 2010

Polish Beauty

Anja Rubik, one of the few blonde models I adore, showed off her beautiful, toned assets yet again at this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show. 

Breezing down the runway in a silk kimono covered in tattooed-on cherry blossoms, hearts and stars, Rubik showed off a washboard stomach and a sultry stare from behind her signature baby blues. What I love most about the statuesque beauty, is her ability to look different in every photo she takes. See for yourself. 

And, in honor of the model's Polish heritage, here's my recipe for Polish sausage sandwiches. A cinch to make for dinner on a cold night, the dish calls for only a few ingredients and a small budget. I mean it's not the best thing to eat if you're on a V.S. diet, but it's beautiful, delicious and satisfying. 

(2010 Victoria's Secret Show: Photo via Zimbio)
(Photo from 25 Magazine) 
(2009: Photo from Bazaar) 
(Candid street shot: Photo from 

Valerie's Polish Sausage Sandwiches
Serves 2

2 Fresh Polish sausages from your local butcher 
1 Red Bell Pepper 
1 Yellow Bell Pepper 
1 Medium Size Red Onion 
2 Pita Rounds (White or Whole Weat) 
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil 

Vertically slice peppers and onion into long strips, set aside

Heat olive oil in frying pan (about one minute) 
Place all pepper and onion strips in frying pan, constantly stirring to prevent burning 
Heat for about 5 minutes or until they start to become tender, but not brown
Place Sausages in same pan (Continuously rotate until cooked through/ about 10 minutes total) 
Remove sausage-vegetable mixture from heat 

Wrap pita in tin foil and place in a 350 degree oven for about 5 minutes or until thoroughly warm 
Remove from oven and roll with sausage and vegetables so it becomes like a bun

Serve with spicy mustard and/or ketchup. 


  1. i like how you tied the girl with your recipe together. interesting post!



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