Tuesday, November 2, 2010

La dee dot

(Photo by Hanneli Mustaparta)
Just as I was debating whether or not to feature polka dots today, I spotted (no pun intended) this photo on Hanneli's blog today. What can I say? It was beshert.

I've never been too keen on polka dots. They make me think of Dalmations and the Measles, a virus I contracted when I was about eight years old (the chances of a kid getting the measles after receiving an immunization was 1:1,000,000). Pretty crazy, right? I wish I would have beaten the odds at the lottery instead.

Recently though--within the past year or so--I've actually started to like dots on my clothing. Probably due to Mad Men's impact on the fashion world; I'm sure Betty Draper (pictured below) has had something to do with the pattern's resurgence. What do you guys think?

Betty Draper; Equipment Polka Dot Blouse; Temperley London Aurora Pouch; A look from Lyn Devon's Spring 2011 RTW collection; Rittenhouse Big Dot Skirt; Opening Ceremony Ankle Pony Clog. 

(Photo from amctv.com)
(Photo from Shopbop)

(Photo from Shopbop) 

(Photo from nymag.com)

(Photo from Rittenhouse)
(Photo from Opening Ceremony) 


  1. Polka dots remind me of the 50s (hence Mad Men reference). I think they have made a big comeback. xo

  2. I have to say I am not a fan of the polka dot resurgence. I'll skip this trend.


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