Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Education: What I've Learned by Not Being Invited to NY Fashion Week

In a valiant effort to dissolve any bitter emotions I have inside of me (that just sit there and stew every time I get an alert about a new show) as a result of not being at NYFW, I am trying to look at my web browsing as educational. Therefore, I'd like to list what I've learned so far from my internet searching and perusing:

1. According to an interview on Into the Gloss, using powder on your brows--instead of liner--will help achieve this sophisticated, minimalistic rocker look seen at Alexander Wang.

(Photo by Into the Gloss)
2. DKNY looks better and hipper than ever!!!!!!

(Photo via Knight Cat) 
3. Anna Wintour is still scary, even though she is oh-so chic.

(Photo by The Sartorialist)
4. The Marchesa designers are beautiful versions of mad scientists.

The Marchesa inspiration wall
(Photo by Vogue) 

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