Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Not Just for Men

Something you may know: Sports Illustrated announced its 2011 Swimsuit Issue cover girl and roster of models yesterday. Something you may not know: I love to look at it.

Before jumping to any conclusions, let me explain. Instead of jealousy running through my veins, it's awe. A gander at the pages provides me motivation to visit the gym. Second, it makes me want to travel.

If you glance deeper into the annual ode to hot bods, designer swimwear, and strikingly beautiful faces, you'll see a portfolio of travel spots you may have not known about before reading the issue. Sure they're paired with half-naked women, but at least you're learning something. 

This year, Brooklyn and many of the other models are whisked away to Hawaii and the Philippines, outfitted in simple suits with cat eyes and gold jewelry. Peruvian first timer/Olympic javelin thrower Leryn Franco poses against a glossy lake in Canada; her ability to don dog tags with a bikini fills me with a craving for an Indian summer camping trip, so I can stomp about in Ugs and one of those 70's knitted two-piecers. also get accessory suggestions for an upcoming getaway; what's not to love? Here's some shots to ease you into it all.

Brooklyn Decker in Hawaii
(Photo via the 
Leryn Franco in Canada 
(Photo via 
Izabel Goulart in the Phillipines
(Photo via
Esti Ginzburg in Hawaii
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