Monday, February 28, 2011

"Truly Outrageous"

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Sorry, I couldn't resist! I love Jem and I love Dolce & Gabbana's Fall RTW 2011 collection. Some may turn their noses up at its bountiful use of stars, the color black, and female tuxedos, but I adore and appreciate the playful wearability.

And come on, giant star earrings dangling from the lobes...such a clever way of transporting us back to the glamorous 80's, a fashion era criticized way too often for its heinous contributions. I mean, open your eyes, take a look and think back to the days; when ruffles were actually appreciated, colorful, fist-size gems were worn just as carefree as Hermes scarves are today, and fashionable androgyny was making its debut.

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  1. the star motif is amazing and I loe the contrast of oversized and shrunken things--wow! my jaw is dropped. amazing blog :)

  2. Lo0ve your blog :)

  3. cute blog!!


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