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Friday, October 29, 2010

Whoa, part 2

Holy Guacamole....Permed hair + Alessandra A. dripping w/ jalopy size jewels + Stylist Anna Dello Russo's uncanny ability to bring us fashion lovers to our knees = My fantasy treasure chest!


Sarah's a Sexy Witch

(S.J.P. running a muck with Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy in Hocus Pocus: Photo via adeptelectronic.com)
It's almost Halloween, which means playtime for us adults...ughhh, finally! I hate being serious all day, every day. 

Remember Hocus Pocus? Who could forget? I mean S.J.P dressed up as sexy Sarah Sanderson, flying around on a broomstick and lulling children into comas with her sweet, hypnotizing voice. Amazing!!!!

Now that we've started reminiscing, let's check out some of her other costumes over the years. The leading lady has worn lots of amazing pieces, capturing the essence of many different kinds of females. From a free-spirited social climber  in L.A. Story to an uber successful writer who lives the luxe life in SATC2, Parker has done it all and has worn the clothes to prove it. What a lucky devil!

Be safe and have fun playing dress up this weekend! 

(S.J.P. frolicking in L.A. Story: Photo via bym.de)

(Nicholas Cage and S.J.P. getting hitched in Honeymoon in Vegas: Photo via blogs.trb.com)

(S.J.P. and Antonio Banderas flirting in Miami Rhapsody: Photo via Yahoo Movies) 

(S.J.P. about to lose her cookies over Mr. Big in SATC Season 2: Photo via Elle.com)
(S.J.P. as a blushing bride in SATC The Movie: Photo via examiner.com)

(S.J.P. wandering the marketplace in SATC 2: Photo via ioffer.com)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


In the words of Joey Russo, can I just say, WHOA in reaction to this gorgeous combination of people.

Ed Westwick + Georgia May Jagger (Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall's easy on the eyes progeny)= so hot right now.

( Ed and Georgia hosting a party in NYC last night: Photo from style.com

Artwork that Says it All

(Photo via Flickr)
Afflicted with bare walls in our T.V. room, the room we spend the most time in, is a definite problem.

It's mainly due to the fact that my husband and I can't agree on a piece; he's into Warhol pop art while I am obsessed with Diego Riviera, so much so that I would bathe in one his paintings if I could. However, thanks to a friend of mine, who made a laud-worthy discovery on Etsy, I think we finally have a winner.

Even though his pieces are not lit up like Jonathan Adler's coruscating "Drugs" sign, which can be seen hanging in the lobby-turned-lavish Navajo hippie den at The Parker Palm Springs, artist William Dohman of St. Paul Minnesota creates fun handmade words to grace your walls with...ones that stylishly personalize and  define a space.

Best part is Dohman can custom make a word for you. I know a lot of you out there are thinking, "Gleek." I'm not so sure about that. My friend just bought the word, "Holla," which I think is a great way of expressing a love of pop culture.

(Photo by William Dohman)

(Photo by William Dohman)

(Vintage New York Subway Signs from subwaysigns.com)

(Vintage Motel sign from This Is Not Ikea)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

With a cherry on top?

Cherries usually conjure summertime memories; memories of spitting out pits in a shady backyard and baking cherry pies after a long farmers' market expedition. 

But for me, the fruit reminds me of being a little girl and barely being able to see over my Dad's wet bar. I would often ask for a Shirley Temple, and without hesitation, he would mix one up with extra maraschinos. I also think of Cherry Cordials from See's and a special cherry-colored velvet Betsey Johnson dress I got in high school. I should have held onto it because apparently both velvet and deep red garments are making a huge comeback. 

Here are some of my favorite fall finds that showcase the rich, fall hue in all of its flavorful glory. 

Cherry velvet Dr. Martens! No description needed. Need to have them. 

(Photo via Polyvore)

If you've ever been to Carmel, California, you've probably dined at The Tuck Box for breakfast. If not, big mistake! The next time you're up North in the ritzy forest town by the sea, nosh on homemade biscuits topped with the quaint cottage's homemade Ollalieberry preserves. 

Afterward, be sure to purchase the Red Sour Cherry Preserves for the road. The thick spread's tart/sweet taste rivals any cherry pie filling and makes for a divine PB&J sandwich. You can also order a jar online

(Photo from The Tuck Box)

The color of Halston Heritage's day-to-night, draped dress is perfection and definitely reminds me of a maraschino cherry. Red lips would complement the frock, introducing a dramatic, vintage look.

(Photo via Net-A-Porter)

Even though Alexander Wang titles the color of this satchel, "Ox Blood," I think it looks more like a cherry twizzler stick. Regardless, I adore the bag's unique shape. 

(Photo from Opening Ceremony)

These red twill shorts add just the right pop of color to a cool weather, black-grey ensemble. 

(Photo from Net-A-Porter

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


(Photo via Dariaw.onsugar.com)
For those of you who think models are nothing without their makeup, I'm about to prove you wrong and give you a little lesson on Darianism, ultimately showing how the right amount of grunge can go a long way.

Supermodel siren/Balmain babe/H&M darling, Daria Werbowy, wears her clothes just as well off the runway as she does on it. Her impeccably executed tomboy streetstyle which is characterized by torn jeans, leather jackets, biker boots and saltwater-infused hair is the kind of look I try to create for hours on end. Daria just rolls out of bed (or off the runway) and looks like that! But hey, I'm not jealous....I'm in awe.

Here are some candid shots of the Ukrainian-Canadian, Polish-born beauty for inspiration, and some staple pieces to help you become one of Werbowy's loyal worshipers.

(Photo via Look Closer)
(Photo via Anetnelly)
(Photo via Williamyan.com
(Photo via Dariaw.onsugar.com)

(Photo via Dariaw.onsugar.com)

Aje. Blondie Biker Boots; Bumble and bumble Surf Spray; H&M Imitation Leather Trousers
Monserat De Lucca Brass Lighter Ring; Current Elliot Boyfriend Cutoffs; Oak Army Box T-shirt.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


(Photo from Health Food for Living) 
Retro fashion has completely reemerged and that means the color orange is hot, hot, hot. Perfect timing because the bold color aids in preparing my palate for pumpkin pie, pumpkin-filled pastas, pumpkin scones, etc.

Me and my girlfriends have this strange obsession with butternut squash and/or pumpkin ravioli. So, when I discovered this recipe on Healthy Food for Living for Pumpkin Mac & Cheese (pictured above), I had to share. I'm sure the same kind of earthy undertones lurk in this bowl o' creamy goodness as they do in all of the other pumpkin dishes we dream about.

If you're more about pleasing your closet than your stomach, check out the following pieces. Wondering about how to wear it? Army green, black and even navy are the correct accent colors to pair with the daring choice.

(Burnt Orange Floppy HatKaren Zambos Silk Turner TopJ.Crew Bates Cashmere Sweater; Hermes Spring 2011; Karen Walker Neon Orange Sunglasses; Halston Heritage's Silk Pleated Dress)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Anne Hathaway for Vogue

(Photo from Vogue)
OK, so I promised myself I would post something food-related today, but then I had a slight conniption when I saw this video of Anne Hathaway being her charming, gorgeous self for an interview on Vogue.com.

The behind-the-scenes look at her Paris shoot for the magazine's November issue sent chills down my spine...the girl was just destined to wear evening gowns and Audrey Hepburn up-do's. It's almost like a sequel of her costume changes in The Devil...so amazing.

Oh and did I mention there's a small preview of her upcoming movie, Love and Other Drugs, where she's paired up with Jake Gyllenhaal? Now girls, brace yourself because he's driving a black Porsche in several scenes and looks hunkier than ever.

Best clip ever!!! Click Sharing from Vogue.com

Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Night with Rag & Bone

Last night, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a casual soirĂ©e at the new Nordstrom in Santa Monica Place to meet the Brit duo behind Rag & Bone. Easily the highlight of my week, chatting it up with Marcus Wainwright and David Neville was a cinch just as much as it was an honor.

The co-founders, dressed in nothing but a pair of distressed jeans and white shirts, humbly blushed when I told them how great of a job I think they've done with the collections this year. My husband also marveled at the two, especially when he discovered that Neville, the business mind behind the operation, was a banker before recreating himself as a denim/ luxury streetwear god.

In the past, I thought the label's pieces were a tad understated for my style, but this year the divine sweaters, capes, jackets, accessories and shoes invoke that effortless "I just landed in London and am ready to hit the streets" look. With the perfect felt, wide-brimmed hat and suede construction booties, the designers have touched upon and mastered all of the trends we'll be seeing during this year's cold snap.

(Models in waiting)
(Mallory Zip Front Booties with chunky wool socks) 
(Me posing in a floppy felt brim hat and sweater)

(Marcus and David chatting it up)

(Clockwise from the top: 'Marais' Lambskin Leather Trim Silk Shirt; 'Edith' Pleated Skirt; Northfield Poncho; Marylebone Dress; Floppy Brim Fedora

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taylor's Gotta Gun

(Photo via Gawker) 
MTV's Teen Mom, the reality show which is now in its second season due to an enormous cult following, truthfully chronicles the hardships of underage motherhood. Let's just say that after watching an episode or two, any young female in her right mind probably rethinks the decision to join the ranks of the sexually active. 

The heart-wrenching, on-screen moments give me hope that teens might retreat back to the good old days when sports and mom's homemade lasagna were the priorities. Forever 21's maternity collection and Taylor Momsen's cameo on the cover of Revolver magazine crush this theory. 

Seeing "Little J"  in an outfit of scandalous nothing and stripper heels with guns affixed to her thighs is the modern day version of what Tori Spelling would have symbolized to us if she were on the cover of something in a negligee and a noose at the same age, 17!

And if it couldn't get any worse, Gawker reports a quote from Momsen's interview: "If it's a good sex tape, I'll watch it...I like some adult stars. I have a couple favorites. But I will say this: That Tommy Lee/Pamela Anderson video wasn't very good. I wouldn't f*ck Tommy Lee." 

I'm no square, but what is the world coming to? What are your thoughts on this? 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boho Loco

I have to be honest, sometimes I'm on the fence about Sea of Shoes' content...but here, shoe blogging maven Jane Aldridge looks so incredibly phenomenal, that I had to post this pic. 

I mean the hat, the jeans and the drool worthy vintage Missoni jacket...this boho outfit isn't just bananas, it's frozen chocolate-dipped bananas!!!!!

(Photo via Sea of Shoes) 

Let's Hear it for the Boys

OK, guys, you want some fashion inspiration? You got it.

I recently read a quote from Nina Garcia, Project Runway judge/Fashion Director of Marie Claire that said something along the lines of, "you must exercise your fashion muscle every day." That goes for you guys too; if I can do it, anyone can. Basically, what she's saying is, instead of just throwing on the first thing in your blurry line of vision, put some chutzpah into it. Otherwise laziness will become your new defining style.

I try to repeat the clever mantra over and over in my head in the morning--I have to because I'm usually half asleep and suffering from a pre-coffee condition.

Here are some photos, many of them coming from my favorite new street fashion photography blog, Streetfsn. Like Hanneli, Nam candidly captures top models and publishing giants in all of their clothed glory...before shows, after shows and in action. You're gonna see big hair (no gel required), tailored but roomy slacks and fun, fearless accent jackets...it's all about jackets.

Model Jon Kortajarena during Madrid Fashion Week
(Photo via V Magazine)
Chanel 2011 Spring RTW & Menswear
(Photo via NYmag.com)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Makeup, I miss you!!!

Last night my Bestie and I spent a few moments during a friend's spectacular dinner party consoling Mrs. Anonymous about her makeup dilemma. The poor dear left her entire case behind in a hotel room and later received the unfortunate news from housekeeping that it was nowhere to be found.

Dreams of being reunited with her trove of eyeshadows have been shattered and she's been left with some old powder, a pinky-size eye pencil and anxiety about having to enter Sephora with a lengthy list of products she knows little about. 

Therefore, Bestie and I have decided to help her and all the other women in the world who face the same problem at least once in their lifetime. Let's face it, there are just way too many beauty editors and an endless sea of mediocre products masquerading as the next best things. 

Good thing though because Bestie has a thing for beauty vlogs (video blogs) and I like to experiment with everything under the sun, so between the two of us, we've come up with the top 9 staple products to help get your face back on!

All products, excluding the one from MAC can be purchased at Sephora

1. Korres Vitamin E 10-color Pencil Kit: For only $32.50, this is such a value and comes from an innovative brand that actually nourishes while it colors with such natural ingredients as Jojoba oil.  
(Photo via Sephora.com)
2. Nars Eyeshadow Duo in "Key Largo": These colors flawlessly collide for day-to-night wearability. The universal earth tones pair well with any outfit and exude just the right amount of shimmer. 

(Photo via Drugstore.com)
3. Hourglass Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss in "Eden": This peachy pink color is versatile. The new line of lip glosses offers non-sticky amalgamations that come in uniquely-shaped tubes, making them easy to find during rush hour traffic.
(Photo via Sephora.com)
4. Clinique Mascara: I've tried a ton of mascaras over the years, always naming Dior Show the champion. But, compared to this one, which is my new fave, it just dries out too quickly. With a relatively low price tag, no clumping effect and the power to curl and provide volume, Clinique's tube works wonders.

(Photo via Sephora.com)
5. Shu Uemura eyelash curler: Simply, the best. No contest. For even better results, heat it up with a blow dryer for a few seconds.

(Photo via Sephora.com)
6. Mac's Paint Pot in "Painterly": This product serves as the perfect primer for all eyeshadow. It successfully hides under colors, helps them standout and boosts endurance. 

(Photo via Maccosmetics.com)
7. MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body Liquid Makeup: Bestie swears by this one, as it acts like a second skin and goes on ultra sheer so it still looks like "you."

(Photo via Sephora.com)
8. Tarte Matte Bronzer in "Park Avenue Princess": Every bronzer I've ever tried has turned me orange and brought a pimple or two. This one is different; it produces the perfect sun-kissed look, refuses to cake and actually softens skin. The wrong bronzer can make you look older...while wearing this one, I've never been ID'd more...it's true.
(Photo via Sephora.com)
9. Smashbox Blush in "Flush": This petal pink blush adds the perfect hint of rosiness to cheeks. No sunburn effect here and it goes on as a smooth layer rather than a thick mess.

(Photo via Sephora.com)