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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Balmain Spring 2011

Question: What's black and red with grunge-glamor written all over it?

Answer: Balmain's heart-palpitating Spring 2011 RTW collection, which debuted during Paris Fashion Week.

Throbbing with its signature ripped, torn, studded, shiny, extravagant look, the label has me wishin' and prayin' for a capsule collection so that I can actually afford a few pieces. Fat chance I'm sure, but it's healthy to dream about being a label whore, especially when it comes to Balmain.

OK, time for me to wipe the drool from my chin. See the complete collection, here.

Freja, start us off!


ALT and Chocolate: Wonder drugs

(Photos from Fashionbombdaily.com and The Sweet Beet)

I can't think of a better solution to getting high than André Leon Talley mixed with a little bit of chocolate!

Every time I read about André or see him posing in one his epic Louis Vuitton mink stoles, I smile from the inside out. Luckily, NYmag.com provided me with an amazing ALT fix yesterday via an up close and personal article (READ IT!)  about the Vogue editor’s admitted desire to sit and think for hours over participating in something athletic. He's quoted saying, "I suppose the most daring thing I've ever done is try to water ski. And that was not successful...I only take risks in couture, but I don't take risks in athleticism." His unfettered dedication to living a life of pure luxury makes me feel all warm and tingly.

And chocolate; chocolate is on my mind from the moment I wake up. I would gladly inject the stuff into my veins if it were normal. I'm an addict—in fact, we all are. When chomping down on it our brains release serotonin; more so if it's pure chocolate as opposed to a cupcake which is diluted with ingredients that keep us from a bliss-like state...the type of state we're in when we're madly in love. 

So the next time you think about experimenting with a wonder drugreach for some raw chocolate instead. The Sweet Beet, a  blog for food experimenters like myself, suggests, "Gnosis chocolate—specifically Fleur de Sel—sold at Whole Foods in NYC in the raw section (you won’t find anything raw in the Chocolate section)." Best part is that's legal! Hip hip hooray for my fellow blogger-cum-chocolate lover.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


(Photo via youngandontheguestlist.com)

Ever thought about getting inked? My tat clock started ticking around the young age of 15. After my mom and I had the usual mother-daughter talks and discussed the precautions, I finally went all the way.

There I was--this little Jewish girl, who just got her learner's permit and a Kanji symbol on her left ankle to match. I don't regret my decision; it symbolizes my youth (even if the Chinese character I picked does stand for something as cliche as "heaven.")

I felt compelled to post something about the controversial art form after running into chef/owner of Palate Food + Wine, Ottavio Becerra, last night at one of dineLA's many promotional quick fire events. One of my favorite chefs to follow and a Joachim Splichal protege, Becerra won the cold noodle competition and then graciously posed for me. I always wanted the opportunity to get a shot of his Japanese Masamoto knife , an image I would gladly add to my arm if I were a devoted chef like he is.

I have a feeling the following trendsetters don't regret their body art decisions either, even if the fad has faded.

(Chef Ottavio Becerra) 
World renowned model Freja Beha and her tattoo, which symbolizes a conscious effort to float through life, rather than sink.
(Photo from frejabeha.blogspot.com)

Drew Barrymore in Bazaar's October 2010 issue, slightly showing off her famous butterfly tattoo, an insect she sent into stardom in the 90's.
(Photos via justajared.buzznet.com and kidzworld.com)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just One of the Guys

(Photo via Jezebel.com)
For all you fashion-obsessed women who went through a serious tomboy phase back in the late 80's/early 90's, what was your excuse when it came to wearing ratty corduroys and Quicksilver T-shirts?

I just wanted to play sports with the boys, instead of cheer with the girls, and wear sneakers--not bows. But for Terry Griffith, the epic girl-turned-boy character in Just One of the Guys, it was a little bit different.

The popular high school student, who has a Botticelli bod for days and a Ken doll for a boyfriend, gives it all up to be considered for an internship at the local newspaper, after learning that her writing teacher sabotaged her chances due to a sexist point of view. Thinking it's ludicrous, but necessary, Terry enrolls at a rival high school, gets a haircut and takes some walking lessons from her horny younger brother Buddy to prove that she can write just as well as any guy. But of course, she gets seriously sidetracked when she starts to fall for her sexy new best friend Rick, who has absolutely no idea about what lies beneath.

I'm pretty sure it's no coincidence that Dsquared2's twin brother designers, Dean and Dan Caten, dressed their female models up in all types of masculine love for Milan Fashion Week this month. Maybe the identical Italians watched the movie a few too many times? Or maybe they're just fascinated with menswear for women. I don't know, but I love every single outfit because I still gotta little bit of tomboy left in me, especially when it comes to gangster-like slacks, shiny black loafers, thick tortoise shell spectacles and tucked-in tuxedo blouses.

(All Photos from NYmag.com)  

Friday, September 24, 2010

Haute Lunch

(Photo from Hanneli.com) 
While playing catch up and browsing my blogger dashboard this morning, I noticed this magnificent pic. of NYC fashion designer Luz Pavon shot by Hanneli Mustaparta. 

 If you're not familiar with model/Vogue contributor Hanneli's blog, do yourself a favor and pay a visit to her Online wonderland, which is chock full of chic outfit posts and magnificent photos that only a true fashion mastermind could capture.

After smirking at the photo, which has the early 80's written all over it, this time I caught myself humming Irene Cara's "Hot Lunch Jam." She belts out the catchy song in a room full of teenage musicians and ballet dancers all clad in leg warmers and brightly colored spandex in the original Fame movie. Soon enough, the tune sends the students into a musical fit, leading them out of the school and into the streets where they continue to dance and tumble, causing a fashionable raucous. 

Once again, if you're not familiar, please go rent this film or at least play the clip I've provided below. I'm obsessed with the beat and the wonderment of how such a huge voice could come out of such a small woman, so much so that I asked my husband if we could play it during the grand entrance at our wedding. He looked at me like I was crazy...'nough said. 

Staying in line with the lyrics.... 
Macaroni and baloney 
Tuna fish, our favorite dish 
Hot lunch, hey 
If it's yellow, then it's jello 
If it's blue it could be stew oo, oo

...I'd like to share my beloved recipe for Sloppy Joes (also from the 80's), a sandwich I've been making since I was old enough to reach the stove. I forgo the mustard and load up on the ketchup. It's so easy and delish. Try it, you'll like it; you might even start reminiscing about your 2nd grade lunch lady if you wash it down with a glass of ice-cold milk. 

(Image and Recipe from Kids Cooking: A Very Slightly Messy Manual)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glittery Me Timbers

(Photo from NYmag.com)

My ongoing obsession with glitter and sequins was brought to new heights thanks to Anna Sui's simple yet ultra feminine number (pictured above) that she sent down the NYC runway last week. Perfectly roughed up with brown boots and feathers, Sui created a slight Pocahontas goes to Manhattan effect. There's just something about the juxtaposition of pairing shiny, girly "notice me!" pieces with grunge that I adore and need to have in my life.

Here are a few pieces that would pair nicely with Frye boots, a Journey concert t-shirt or a beat-up leather jacket from your past life (AKA the 90's). Each and every one drew an instant ear-to-ear smile to my face. I made a little collage for your enjoyment. There's even a little bling for the guys too! Put your shades on 'cause it's gonna get bright in here.

 Miu Miu Glitter ClogsAll Saints Sequin Skirt; Oryany Sequin "Wendy" TotePF Flyers Glide Sequin High-top Men's SneakerAnna Sui Sequin Tulle Dress

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hot Studs

Just when I thought I was over studs, Burberry Prorsum's spring 2011 collection had to go and do this to me!!!!! 



(All photos from NYmag.com)

HELLLLLP. I love it all. Make it stop!

Trailblazing Southwest Style

This wet suit/aquatic girl trend that I've seen splashed across pages of the fall fashion issues doesn't really turn me on. I mean, I'm all for zipper cleavage (that's hot) but I don't understand what woman, other than a female surfer, would voluntarily stuff herself into rubber clothing . The unshaven naturalists at camp in Catalina used to tell us to pee inside our wet suits to keep from catching cold during an icy snorkeling expedition. That's what I think of when I see photos of Body Glove inspired wardrobe pieces...I just go, "ewww," all the way home. Now you get it.

A popular trend I am openly embracing though is the 90's Lady Stetson cowgirl look, as seen above on Christy Turlington and Janice Dickinson. I never thought I would be on the hunt for an ankle length leather skirt, but I am...in fact, I'm on the war path for the right one. That and a cozy poncho, an oversize Navajo-print sweater, a felt cowboy hat and a lariat necklace to really channel my inner cowgirl.

Ralph Lauren, Chloe and Missoni are going full force with their appreciation for couture southwestern wear; I guess they figured they had to stray from the pack by doing something different with leather than creating shift dresses and motorcycle jackets. Uggggh....I can hear the coyotes howling and the campfire crackling as I write this. Here are some pieces to get you started on your trailblazing. P.S. I tried on Alexa Chung for Madewell's silk skirt and it fits great!

(Chloe cutout boots from Net-A-Porter)

(Chunk Southwest Sweater from Tin Roof Vintage)

(Stetson's Ghurka Felt Hat)

(Alexa Chung for Madewell's Silk Skirt)

(Stephen Webster's Lariat Necklace from Saks Fifth Avenue)

(Missoni Cristallo Poncho from Net-A-Porter)

(Ralph Lauren's Serape Satchel)

Friday, September 17, 2010


Hey kids!!! So sorry I've been M.I.A.

I just finished my fourth dining guide for Beverly Hills magazine, which will be published and poly bagged with either the November or December issue of Los Angeles magazine. Look out for it!

Needless to say, I'm exhausted. Therefore, I'm keeping today's post short and uber sweet with this amazing photo I just came across. I think I love Brad even more now.

BTW, I didn't know he was so freakin' buff. Yowzers!!!!

Um, is this another trend for fall, my man? If so, you're suspended! hahahahaaahaha.

(Photo via Styleite.com)

Monday, September 13, 2010

White is the New Black

(Derek Lam)
It's only fair that I post something about New York Fashion Week, even though it pains me that I'm not there taking in shows, writing up hits and misses and snapping photos from the cheap seats in the back.  Hopefully  I'll make it there one day and get to swoon in person.

From what I've seen so far, my three favorite collections are from Jason Wu, Erin Fetherston and Preen. With wearable pieces, punches of color and sheer billowy garments that bring us women back to our feminine roots, the three captivating shows pave the way for the ash to snow transition, scheduled to start taking place this spring.

Stark white on stark white ensembles have dominated almost every single collection and black has been predominantly used as an accent color. From structured mini dresses, to trench coats, to pant suits, to floor-length gowns, designers have proved that the classic color combo (or lack thereof) can be paired just as easily with bare, freckled skin as it can with cherry red lips, which is simply why the fresh look is predicted to be all the rage.  I'll need scotch guard and a bleach pen, stat!

Here are my top white on white looks straight from the NYC runway.

(Erin Fetherston)
(Max Azria)

(Jason Wu)
(Alexander Wang)

(All photos from nymag.com

Friday, September 10, 2010

Decor Differences

"You like potato and I like potahto, You like tomato and I like tomahto...Potato, potahto, Tomato, tomahto... Let's call the whole thing off."

This Louis Armstrong tune is usually what I think to hum when my husband and I go furniture shopping or fantasize about what our "Heaven on Fifth" penthouse would look like if we ever got the opportunity to own one. Oh, and our very own Dorota would help us cook, dress the children, bathe the dogs, water the courtyard plants...

Anyway, back to the point. My husband is mad for mid-century modern decor (think glass walls, skeletal chairs and coffee colored sofas like the ones seen in Mad Men). I, on the other hand, love anything Shabby Chic inspired--distressed white wood floors, crystal chandeliers, weathered antiques and plush floral sofas with sprawled-out Labrador retrievers on them.

As you can now tell, our differing tastes in decorating usually collide. So, when I saw Martha Stewart Living's intriguing online article about its editors' real-life dwellings, I checked out each slide show and fell in love with a Manhattan flat covered in shades of gray. I soon realized that this subdued palate could potentially be the offspring that quiets our ongoing decor battles.

As you will see below, creative director Eric Pike's unisex abode uses French limestone, coffered ceilings and clean-looking antiques to conjure up quietness, grace and elegance, and tosses in just the right amount of minimalistic, masculine touches, like skylights and industrial light fixtures that scream, "Don Draper was here, but he didn't stay too long."

 (All photos from marthastewart.com)