Monday, April 25, 2011

Buddy Bands

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You didn't really think I'd let you (or spring) get away without some Friendship Bracelet vs. Buddy Band vs. Love Cuff nostalgia, now, did you? Ohhhh...accessory feuds were so much fun back in the late 80's.

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It's funny because a lot of fashion editors insist the decade's hold over fashion is on its way out; I highly disagree. Case in point: this new obsession with friendship bracelets. Everything from braided neon finds to semi-precious leather and twine creations are quickly becoming the number one accessory to "stack" with.

I've boarded the train, done the "wrist" work, and have to say that you definitely do not need to break the bank to look like one of the Saved by the Bell alumni.

Forever 21 
American Eagle Outfitters 
Max & Chloe
Lucky Brand via Zappos
American Eagle Outfitters 

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  1. I love those bracelets!




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