Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Well-Dressed Vegas

Milla Jovovich photographed by Terry Richardson in '98 for Harper's Bazaar
Between taking on various writing gigs, living with two dogs and a hard-working husband who all love my home-cooked meals, and balancing plans with an extremely diverse group of girlfriends, I'm in need of  trip out now, you know where.

Not only do I love breathing in casino oxygen that smells of "Reds" and cheap perfume, becoming one with the rowdy 3 p.m. pool scene, and gawking at bachelorette mishaps, I love planning each and every one of my outfits well in advance. That way I can spend time on more important things, like acting as the in-room DJ, becoming the resident mixologist for a prompt 7 p.m. pre-cocktail cocktail hour, and curling everyone's hair. Yes, I'm the Vegas Jack of all trades.

Here's what I'm thinking...

Car Trip: Don't make fun of my music choice; it's girl time, which means sing-along time.

Pool Play: I'm digging pants instead of shorts right now.

Night Owl: McQueens, sequins, and some 5-hour Energy love...


  1. That Queen T-Shirt is killing it!!!

  2. Night Owl outfit is the BEST. Those earings make it! SHAMAZING!

  3. OH MY AMAZING! I have the inspiration I need for some Vegas shopping. Thanks Vally xo

  4. Amazing! Love it all - you can style my next trip to Vegas. XOXO


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