Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Design Preservationist Tim Campbell

Richard Neutra's Singleton House located in Bel Air
(Photo by Andrew Bush)
If you haven't peeked at my Haute Living blog contributions yet, I'd like to introduce you to my exclusive interview piece with Tim Campbell, an iconic, Los Angeles-based designer/architectural preservationist. 

Responsible for the exterior revamp of Vidal Sassoon's Richard Neutra Singleton House and Diane Keaton's breathtaking Beverly Hills Spanish compound (pictured below), Campbell prides himself on bringing the city's most renowned properties back to life--in an organic manner, that is. Instead of tearing homes down and transforming them into unrecognizable, spineless mansions, he lightly sedates them, bringing back their original beauty with natural, up-to-date touches. 

According to Campbell, The City of Angels acts as the most conducive environment for his work: "There's an ethereal quality to Los Angeles that I've not felt in other cities. For me, it's the proximity of the urban environment to the inherent inhospitable nature of the desert, coupled with the unbridled determination to transform our desert environment into a livable place." 

Even though Keaton's home is my all-time favorite, I do enjoy peering inside his Silver Lake home (also pictured below), as it reflects that warm, California-cool, modern approach so many are trying to take right now. I know I am; I bought antlers off of Etsy last month. My husband thinks I'm crazy. I think I'm chic.

Keaton's Former Home (as seen in Architectural Digest in 2008) 

Tim Campbell's Silverlake Home (as see on Remodelista


  1. That first picture is very nice. I love how everything is ground level.


  2. in that first picture, the walkway over the water, that's perfection...



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