Friday, March 4, 2011

Nobody leaves without singin' the blues...

If you recall, the aforementioned line comes from one of the very best childhood comedy-thrillers of all time, Adventures in Baby Sitting. I just had to slip it in because today's post is all about the blues...well, not precisely.

It's about a new craze over this amazing hue of electric blue, which has been spotted on many a fall 2011 runway. Whatever the shade is called and though it varies slightly, it's hot, hot, hot!

And today, I'm also being super duper kind because the bag I'm leading with is a recent purchase of mine, a German, imported jewel plucked from way down deep in the treasure chest, which not many people know about yet. So, let's try and keep it under wraps, eh? I just bought it in black for everyday use, but am seriously considering going back for it in blue too.

The satchel looks like Mulberry and Herm├Ęs copulated in a cheap one-night stand. "Cheap?" you ask. Ready for this: it's $279 at Nordstrom.

The Bag 
Behold! The Liebeskind Mia satchel in blue. 
(Photo via
The Couture and How to Wear It 
Clockwise from top: Zac Posen, Acne, Diane Von Furstenberg, Thakoon, 
Rag & Bone, and Rachel Roy
(Photos from 

Blake Lively filming G.G. in slacks and a Pucci Blazer....DIEEEE!!!
(Photo via


  1. The bag looks amazing in blue...and I am DYING with you over Blake's outfit! Think I need to get me something in electric blue.

  2. Nice pictures as ever
    I'm back

  3. um
    love love love
    this blue, and your blog.


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