Thursday, March 10, 2011

On the Runway...

Nope, sorry kids, haven't made it there yet--I'm referring to the LAX runway. As I've stated before, I do hope to make it to an actual runway one of these days (to report from, not to model on for any of you out there who think I'm borderline delusional). 

I'm in fact headed out to the East Coast tonight and because it's only a quick trip to celebrate a friend's wedding, my husband and I are traveling light, meaning: carry-ons only! I'm not even toying with the notion of losing my luggage; I've spent countless hours of outfit planning.

Therefore, I'm announcing my staple beauty and clothing products; ones that fit very well into a teeny-tiny suitcase. Included in the whittled-down list: my Fiorentini and Baker biker boots (I never travel without them), Chanel's 'Blue Satin' nail polish because I just didn't have the time, a paperback version of Water for Elephants because the movie's coming out real soon and R.P. is starring in it...duh, and Paige Premium Denim's Glam Rock Jean Leggings, which fit like BUTTAH.

Clockwise from the top: Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Wand (photo via Blue Satin Nail Polish (photo via; Paige Premium Denim's Glam Rock leggings in 'Royal' (photo via; TRESemm√© travel-size TRES Spray Super Hold Hair Spray (photo via for Elephants (photo via; Fiorentini and Baker boots (photo via Stylehive). 


  1. Carry on is totally the way to go. Lusting over your boots. Have fun on the east coast! xo

  2. i love to wear high heels in each and in every trend.,,!!
    there is nice collection of fashion style . in cosmetic..!!


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