Monday, March 7, 2011

Totally Chic

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OK, I'm sorry, but does anyone see a resemblance between Cindy Mancini's white fringe cocktail get-up above and the Isabel Marant fall 2011 looks below? Totally fringe, totally 80's, and totally chic (not geek).

For any of you a bit lost right about now, I'm referring to the 1987 romantic comedy, Can't Buy Me Love, starring McDreamy as Ronald Miller--a relentless high school puppy dog lusting after the star cheerleader. The film's tagline, "He went from totally geek to totally chic," is almost as amazing as the Southwestern-inspired outfits seen throughout the film...notice the belt to the left.

You can't buy me love indeed, but you can buy me some new suede boots!

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  1. great post !!!
    and you're right - there is no difference between these outfits :)

  2. He went from totally geek to totally chic. INDEED. INDEED.

  3. definetely! bring me my fringes! awh I'm leaving theses trends that are reappearing :)


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