Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glittery Me Timbers

(Photo from

My ongoing obsession with glitter and sequins was brought to new heights thanks to Anna Sui's simple yet ultra feminine number (pictured above) that she sent down the NYC runway last week. Perfectly roughed up with brown boots and feathers, Sui created a slight Pocahontas goes to Manhattan effect. There's just something about the juxtaposition of pairing shiny, girly "notice me!" pieces with grunge that I adore and need to have in my life.

Here are a few pieces that would pair nicely with Frye boots, a Journey concert t-shirt or a beat-up leather jacket from your past life (AKA the 90's). Each and every one drew an instant ear-to-ear smile to my face. I made a little collage for your enjoyment. There's even a little bling for the guys too! Put your shades on 'cause it's gonna get bright in here.

 Miu Miu Glitter ClogsAll Saints Sequin Skirt; Oryany Sequin "Wendy" TotePF Flyers Glide Sequin High-top Men's SneakerAnna Sui Sequin Tulle Dress


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  2. The skirt is my favourite. I guess
    Anyway how are u doin?

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