Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just One of the Guys

(Photo via Jezebel.com)
For all you fashion-obsessed women who went through a serious tomboy phase back in the late 80's/early 90's, what was your excuse when it came to wearing ratty corduroys and Quicksilver T-shirts?

I just wanted to play sports with the boys, instead of cheer with the girls, and wear sneakers--not bows. But for Terry Griffith, the epic girl-turned-boy character in Just One of the Guys, it was a little bit different.

The popular high school student, who has a Botticelli bod for days and a Ken doll for a boyfriend, gives it all up to be considered for an internship at the local newspaper, after learning that her writing teacher sabotaged her chances due to a sexist point of view. Thinking it's ludicrous, but necessary, Terry enrolls at a rival high school, gets a haircut and takes some walking lessons from her horny younger brother Buddy to prove that she can write just as well as any guy. But of course, she gets seriously sidetracked when she starts to fall for her sexy new best friend Rick, who has absolutely no idea about what lies beneath.

I'm pretty sure it's no coincidence that Dsquared2's twin brother designers, Dean and Dan Caten, dressed their female models up in all types of masculine love for Milan Fashion Week this month. Maybe the identical Italians watched the movie a few too many times? Or maybe they're just fascinated with menswear for women. I don't know, but I love every single outfit because I still gotta little bit of tomboy left in me, especially when it comes to gangster-like slacks, shiny black loafers, thick tortoise shell spectacles and tucked-in tuxedo blouses.

(All Photos from NYmag.com)  

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