Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trailblazing Southwest Style

This wet suit/aquatic girl trend that I've seen splashed across pages of the fall fashion issues doesn't really turn me on. I mean, I'm all for zipper cleavage (that's hot) but I don't understand what woman, other than a female surfer, would voluntarily stuff herself into rubber clothing . The unshaven naturalists at camp in Catalina used to tell us to pee inside our wet suits to keep from catching cold during an icy snorkeling expedition. That's what I think of when I see photos of Body Glove inspired wardrobe pieces...I just go, "ewww," all the way home. Now you get it.

A popular trend I am openly embracing though is the 90's Lady Stetson cowgirl look, as seen above on Christy Turlington and Janice Dickinson. I never thought I would be on the hunt for an ankle length leather skirt, but I am...in fact, I'm on the war path for the right one. That and a cozy poncho, an oversize Navajo-print sweater, a felt cowboy hat and a lariat necklace to really channel my inner cowgirl.

Ralph Lauren, Chloe and Missoni are going full force with their appreciation for couture southwestern wear; I guess they figured they had to stray from the pack by doing something different with leather than creating shift dresses and motorcycle jackets. Uggggh....I can hear the coyotes howling and the campfire crackling as I write this. Here are some pieces to get you started on your trailblazing. P.S. I tried on Alexa Chung for Madewell's silk skirt and it fits great!

(Chloe cutout boots from Net-A-Porter)

(Chunk Southwest Sweater from Tin Roof Vintage)

(Stetson's Ghurka Felt Hat)

(Alexa Chung for Madewell's Silk Skirt)

(Stephen Webster's Lariat Necklace from Saks Fifth Avenue)

(Missoni Cristallo Poncho from Net-A-Porter)

(Ralph Lauren's Serape Satchel)

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