Friday, September 24, 2010

Haute Lunch

(Photo from 
While playing catch up and browsing my blogger dashboard this morning, I noticed this magnificent pic. of NYC fashion designer Luz Pavon shot by Hanneli Mustaparta. 

 If you're not familiar with model/Vogue contributor Hanneli's blog, do yourself a favor and pay a visit to her Online wonderland, which is chock full of chic outfit posts and magnificent photos that only a true fashion mastermind could capture.

After smirking at the photo, which has the early 80's written all over it, this time I caught myself humming Irene Cara's "Hot Lunch Jam." She belts out the catchy song in a room full of teenage musicians and ballet dancers all clad in leg warmers and brightly colored spandex in the original Fame movie. Soon enough, the tune sends the students into a musical fit, leading them out of the school and into the streets where they continue to dance and tumble, causing a fashionable raucous. 

Once again, if you're not familiar, please go rent this film or at least play the clip I've provided below. I'm obsessed with the beat and the wonderment of how such a huge voice could come out of such a small woman, so much so that I asked my husband if we could play it during the grand entrance at our wedding. He looked at me like I was crazy...'nough said. 

Staying in line with the lyrics.... 
Macaroni and baloney 
Tuna fish, our favorite dish 
Hot lunch, hey 
If it's yellow, then it's jello 
If it's blue it could be stew oo, oo

...I'd like to share my beloved recipe for Sloppy Joes (also from the 80's), a sandwich I've been making since I was old enough to reach the stove. I forgo the mustard and load up on the ketchup. It's so easy and delish. Try it, you'll like it; you might even start reminiscing about your 2nd grade lunch lady if you wash it down with a glass of ice-cold milk. 

(Image and Recipe from Kids Cooking: A Very Slightly Messy Manual)


  1. Wow the photo's sooo nice.
    I have the same bracelet from H&M. Love it.
    And I'd also love to eat the sloppy joes sandwich. ahah
    Stay fine.

  2. She's soooo Flashdance, i love her look! She's beautiful!


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