Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prep-are for Fall

(Photo from Paper magazine)

If you live for Chuck and B's style or Brad's Gorezki's chic use of bow ties, and strive to create a prepster's way of life for you and your significant other, often shopping hand-in-hand for fresh produce while dressed like ivy-leaguers even though you're in L.A. or NYC., cities that radiate with grunge wear, you're about to have a mental orgasm. 

Take Ivy, a Japanese-published manifesto for die-hard fashion lovers originally released in '65, is finally translated in English and waiting to be taken home by anyone who's ever bought boat shoes for non-boating activities (I'm guilty too, don't worry--I wear my plaid Top-Siders with ripped jean shorts). 

The photographic novel, spawned from blue-eyed ivy league attendees and their choice of "trad" garments, is a nod to loafers, soft cotton university T-shirts and brick-laden buildings, all of which have withstood the test of time. It explains why Zach Morris' nickname was such a hit, the unforeseen success of Dawson's Creek, and how in the world designers can talk us ladies into wearing knee-high socks with our platforms this fall!

I'm definitely purchasing this one for my coffee table, so let's get this party started with some croquet and a little Alexa Chung for Madewell. The faster those leaves turn, the faster I slip into my toggle coats and sweaters! YESSSSS!

Inspiration board and photos from the book:

Clockwise from the left: Vintage Croquet Mallets from Etsy; Looks from Alexa Chung's Madewell collection; Sweet Tea Vodka Martinis; Urban Outfitters Marled Over-the-Knee Socks; Banana Republic's Unisex Heritage Book Bag; Commes De Garcons Men's Check Jacket.

(Photos via the Powerhouse Arena)


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