Wednesday, September 29, 2010


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Ever thought about getting inked? My tat clock started ticking around the young age of 15. After my mom and I had the usual mother-daughter talks and discussed the precautions, I finally went all the way.

There I was--this little Jewish girl, who just got her learner's permit and a Kanji symbol on her left ankle to match. I don't regret my decision; it symbolizes my youth (even if the Chinese character I picked does stand for something as cliche as "heaven.")

I felt compelled to post something about the controversial art form after running into chef/owner of Palate Food + Wine, Ottavio Becerra, last night at one of dineLA's many promotional quick fire events. One of my favorite chefs to follow and a Joachim Splichal protege, Becerra won the cold noodle competition and then graciously posed for me. I always wanted the opportunity to get a shot of his Japanese Masamoto knife , an image I would gladly add to my arm if I were a devoted chef like he is.

I have a feeling the following trendsetters don't regret their body art decisions either, even if the fad has faded.

(Chef Ottavio Becerra) 
World renowned model Freja Beha and her tattoo, which symbolizes a conscious effort to float through life, rather than sink.
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Drew Barrymore in Bazaar's October 2010 issue, slightly showing off her famous butterfly tattoo, an insect she sent into stardom in the 90's.
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