Monday, October 18, 2010

Anne Hathaway for Vogue

(Photo from Vogue)
OK, so I promised myself I would post something food-related today, but then I had a slight conniption when I saw this video of Anne Hathaway being her charming, gorgeous self for an interview on

The behind-the-scenes look at her Paris shoot for the magazine's November issue sent chills down my spine...the girl was just destined to wear evening gowns and Audrey Hepburn up-do's. It's almost like a sequel of her costume changes in The amazing.

Oh and did I mention there's a small preview of her upcoming movie, Love and Other Drugs, where she's paired up with Jake Gyllenhaal? Now girls, brace yourself because he's driving a black Porsche in several scenes and looks hunkier than ever.

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  2. She is absolutely stunning in this pic. Love the Audrey Hepburn look on her.


  3. Loving this! The jewelry is amazing. I'll steal the cocktail ring..... thank you!

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  5. She looks fantastic - I love her hair. I often think she is almost too perfect, but this soft photograph is very pretty.


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