Tuesday, October 26, 2010

With a cherry on top?

Cherries usually conjure summertime memories; memories of spitting out pits in a shady backyard and baking cherry pies after a long farmers' market expedition. 

But for me, the fruit reminds me of being a little girl and barely being able to see over my Dad's wet bar. I would often ask for a Shirley Temple, and without hesitation, he would mix one up with extra maraschinos. I also think of Cherry Cordials from See's and a special cherry-colored velvet Betsey Johnson dress I got in high school. I should have held onto it because apparently both velvet and deep red garments are making a huge comeback. 

Here are some of my favorite fall finds that showcase the rich, fall hue in all of its flavorful glory. 

Cherry velvet Dr. Martens! No description needed. Need to have them. 

(Photo via Polyvore)

If you've ever been to Carmel, California, you've probably dined at The Tuck Box for breakfast. If not, big mistake! The next time you're up North in the ritzy forest town by the sea, nosh on homemade biscuits topped with the quaint cottage's homemade Ollalieberry preserves. 

Afterward, be sure to purchase the Red Sour Cherry Preserves for the road. The thick spread's tart/sweet taste rivals any cherry pie filling and makes for a divine PB&J sandwich. You can also order a jar online

(Photo from The Tuck Box)

The color of Halston Heritage's day-to-night, draped dress is perfection and definitely reminds me of a maraschino cherry. Red lips would complement the frock, introducing a dramatic, vintage look.

(Photo via Net-A-Porter)

Even though Alexander Wang titles the color of this satchel, "Ox Blood," I think it looks more like a cherry twizzler stick. Regardless, I adore the bag's unique shape. 

(Photo from Opening Ceremony)

These red twill shorts add just the right pop of color to a cool weather, black-grey ensemble. 

(Photo from Net-A-Porter

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