Tuesday, October 19, 2010


(Photo from Health Food for Living) 
Retro fashion has completely reemerged and that means the color orange is hot, hot, hot. Perfect timing because the bold color aids in preparing my palate for pumpkin pie, pumpkin-filled pastas, pumpkin scones, etc.

Me and my girlfriends have this strange obsession with butternut squash and/or pumpkin ravioli. So, when I discovered this recipe on Healthy Food for Living for Pumpkin Mac & Cheese (pictured above), I had to share. I'm sure the same kind of earthy undertones lurk in this bowl o' creamy goodness as they do in all of the other pumpkin dishes we dream about.

If you're more about pleasing your closet than your stomach, check out the following pieces. Wondering about how to wear it? Army green, black and even navy are the correct accent colors to pair with the daring choice.

(Burnt Orange Floppy HatKaren Zambos Silk Turner TopJ.Crew Bates Cashmere Sweater; Hermes Spring 2011; Karen Walker Neon Orange Sunglasses; Halston Heritage's Silk Pleated Dress)

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