Monday, October 11, 2010

Costume Brainstorming

Thoughts of Halloween include apricot-colored maple leaves, stuffy noses, manicured lawns morphed into fake graveyards, and of course, costume anxiety.

This year, I have the urge to turn back into a child for a night in hope of trading my usual repertoire of sugary cocktails and trampy get-ups for trick-or-treating and creative costuming. My main goal is to think less "sexy girl scout" and more artistic. Old dress-up habits die hard though; I did spend four Halloweens at U.C.S.B.

My mentor: V Magazine's Uptown & Down spread, overseen by photographer Mario Testino, puts posh Uptown ladies having an avant-garde moment up against Downtown party girls gone vamp. With Michael Kors front woman Carmen Cass and model Sasha Pivovarova posing as the Uptowners in black fishnet, playful up-dos and floor-length gowns reminiscent of something Morticia Adams would pick out for her cameo in V, I think I've found my inspiration.

I know it's early, but it's gonna take more than a day to pull this bewitchingly chic look off right. Now for what my date/husband should dress up as....I don't know....Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd?


  1. I love Halloween.... digging the purple hair for you.

  2. I know...I think that's gonna have to be the color. I can't wait. You better help me with the make-up part. XO

  3. Us UCSB girls will be forever obsessed with Halloween, and I'm not complaining! Love the holiday and love your inspiration, can't wait to see the final costume!

  4. Nice photos. Great Blog. I love the title too. If you're starving come and visit my blog too. I've got both food and fashion. Hope to see you there.


  5. Wow!!!)))Cool photos, nice Blog!!!)))I Love this fashion!!!)))


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