Friday, October 29, 2010

Sarah's a Sexy Witch

(S.J.P. running a muck with Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy in Hocus Pocus: Photo via
It's almost Halloween, which means playtime for us adults...ughhh, finally! I hate being serious all day, every day. 

Remember Hocus Pocus? Who could forget? I mean S.J.P dressed up as sexy Sarah Sanderson, flying around on a broomstick and lulling children into comas with her sweet, hypnotizing voice. Amazing!!!!

Now that we've started reminiscing, let's check out some of her other costumes over the years. The leading lady has worn lots of amazing pieces, capturing the essence of many different kinds of females. From a free-spirited social climber  in L.A. Story to an uber successful writer who lives the luxe life in SATC2, Parker has done it all and has worn the clothes to prove it. What a lucky devil!

Be safe and have fun playing dress up this weekend! 

(S.J.P. frolicking in L.A. Story: Photo via

(Nicholas Cage and S.J.P. getting hitched in Honeymoon in Vegas: Photo via

(S.J.P. and Antonio Banderas flirting in Miami Rhapsody: Photo via Yahoo Movies) 

(S.J.P. about to lose her cookies over Mr. Big in SATC Season 2: Photo via
(S.J.P. as a blushing bride in SATC The Movie: Photo via

(S.J.P. wandering the marketplace in SATC 2: Photo via


  1. Sarah Jessica Parker is the best! I love her style and all. She is amazing!

  2. i used to love this movie(hocus pocus) so much, completely forgot about it...
    didn't even know then that it was sjp :O


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