Thursday, January 20, 2011

Curing the Moving Blues

So my lack of posting has been due to the fact that we are moving apartments this weekend. The task of packing up, cleaning out, and organizing three floors of stuff has taken a serious toll on my sanity; if I ever had any to begin with. 

Sure, the new pad is just down the street, but bubble wrapping and trash bagging has become the bane of my existence. Once Saturday comes and goes, I'll be a brighter, better me. But until then, here's what's been fueling me.

Fun New Accent Pieces (to buy at some point):

These multi-patterned chairs would fare well in a minimalistic apartment, contributing just the right amount of pop and pizazz. $198 at Anthropologie starting tomorrow.
(Photo from
A good bottle of red: 

Even though I'm a self-declared wine snob, I admit a good bottle doesn't have to be expensive. It does however have to challenge my palate. 

California blends have been fulfilling that requirement lately, and therefore I'd like to recommend Bogle's 2007 Phantom. An exceptional marriage of berries and black pepper, the Petite Syrah, Zinfandel and Mourvèdre balance is so pleasing and drinkable that I might be tempted to choose it as my hydration method on the big day. 

(Photo by Bogle) 
Armani's brilliant decision to replace Christiano Rinaldo with Rafael Nadal in their new denim AND UNDERWEAR ads: 

Is it hot in here? Did I mention I want to go back to my teenage years so I can blow up this photo and tape it on my wall? Yowzers. 

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  1. Holy hotness!

    And the Phantom wine is a great pick!


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