Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go Gadget Go!

Inspector Gadget and a look from Missoni's fall 2011 menswear collection
(Photos via loyalkng.com and nymag.com)
80's cartoon legend Inspector Gadget seemed to be present on the runway during Milan Fashion Week. Several of the Fall 2011 menswear collections debuted with long coats, heavy caps and hearty knits hiding many a chizzled male model underneath. 

The Missoni sisters seem to be all for the mysterious, detective trend, as they put they're men on display with long shaggy locks and facial hair galore; a look I'm not quite into but one that is rampant in the hipster marketplace. Emporio Armani played with ankle length trench coats--a trend I am into. 

Gents: prepare to go undercover. You better start mastering the art of layering now. Good luck. 

(Emporio Armani) 
(Emporio Armani) 
(Burberry Prorsum)
All photos from nymag.com

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