Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rejoining The Real World

An island style vacation comes with a huge drawback. Upon returning home, you feel unlike yourself for a few days until reality, out of nowhere, grabs hold.

Without warning, you snap out of your tropical coma, suddenly remembering what road rage is. You bite into a piece of fruit, thinking it's going to be of the perfect texture and ripeness, but it's not. It's mushy and sour--not like the papayas you grazed on just days ago, which were firm and sweet.

I did the dishes in an out-of-body daze last night. And doing the laundry seems therapeutic. Something's severely wrong with me. I must have taken in way too much sun.

If there is anything that's going bring me back to reality it's these two reasons!

1) Rachel Zoe's fall 2011 collection which debuted this week!

(Pics from WWD)
2) My new position blogging for Haute Living Los Angeles! Follow it here!


  1. I am loving Rachel Zoe's red dress... so fun and flirty.

  2. Yes, the red dress was my favorite too! The textures are so interesting!


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