Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I haven't done a cheesy movie posting since my Troop Beverly Hills piece, which apparently was a huge hit! Therefore, I've decided to honor yet another all-time great chick flick (but this time from the 90's), Clueless.

Now, I have to be honest, I didn't randomly come up with this idea; I have to give the credit to famed handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff. As I was browsing her fall 2010 apparel collection this morning I came across a pleated leather skirt called, the " Leather Clueless Skirt." At first, I asked myself, "why does she call it a 'Clueless' skirt?" And then the lightbulb went on and I sincerely appreciated being in my late twenties for a moment. And, for all of you who are still clueless as to what I'm talking about, Cher, played by the bright-eyed Alicia Silverstone, wore almost the exact same one during the scene where she's picking lemons through her father's office window and bragging about her negotiating skills and straight-A report card.

So, I tip my hat to Minkoff for bringing the iconic do-gooder back to life one last time...after all there is plenty of argyle, fur and pleats being pushed for fall, so I do think Minkoff is on to something. Either way, I'm ecstatic and ready to partake in this trend. Sorry guys, baggy Fubu jeans haven't made a comeback yet, so there's nothing for you today except for the oh-so-cute picture of Silverstone above.

Ugh, if only Judy's were still around! Here are some fashion pieces that would definitely be found in Cher's revolving closet today.

Rebecca Minkoff's Leather Clueless Skirt; Dolce & Gabbana's Collarless Rabbit Jacket; Miu Miu's Mary Jane Platforms; Chloe's Argyle and Cashmere Sweater; Proenza Schouler's Suede A-Pochette.  


  1. "Lucyyyyyy! Where's my white collared shirt from Fred Segal??"
    Best movie ever.

  2. I remember that skirt!! LOVE!! This is your best post yet. LOve the shoes and bag, too.... want the whole outfit! SO fitting too - Clueless was actually on tv this morning - watched it getting ready for work today!!!

    "He's such a baldwin...."


  3. Lovely post. Much admiration all the way from India :)

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    Republic Of Chic


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