Monday, July 19, 2010

Power Couple

(Photo of The Gellers from Lerario Beatriz's Blog)

After a much-needed trip to Fred Segal's Santa Monica location yesterday, I finally became inspired and found a subject for today's posting. Little did I know, the back story would turn out to be intriguing too!

The gigantic store I grew up shopping at and worked at one summer never leaves me dissatisfied. I always discover a new label and a husband who finds just as much to salivate over as I do. After buying him a so-soft Quicksilver sweatshirt that he had been eying, for his birthday, my mother-in-law and I surveyed the feminine side of things over at Fred Segal Man (ironic name, I know, but they have the best stuff for women right now).

I of course fell in love with something bedazzled and to my surprise it was by a designer I had never heard of. Turns out the woman behind my object of desire is Ana Beatriz Lerario, wife of Robert Geller. A rising-star American Designer and R.I.S.D. alum out of New York, Geller made his mark back in 2007 with groundbreaking, wearble mens clothing. And in 2009, GQ/CFDA awarded him the title of "best new menswear designer," which then led to a collaborative collection with Levi's. His fall 2010 collection, pictured below, is a combination of the Old West and Sherlock'll see why. Fitted striped slacks, oversize scarves and muted plum tones for a mysterious look. A pipe, glass eye lens and handlebar mustache would complete these looks all too well.

Pretty cool, right? Almost as cool as his Brazilian wife, Ana Beatriz Lerario, who got her start with Marc Jacobs and now dots her "i"'s with jewels, jewels and more jewels. Not small, insignificant studs, but large, elegant, feminine crystals which are sewn in by hand and make t-shirts into nighttime couture pieces.

The piece that stole my heart was her Placed Bird Crystal T-shirt, which would pair equally well with jeans as it would with a bubble tulle skirt. I want it sooooo bad! You can view her fall collection here, and my favorite staples below.

Robert Geller's Fall 2010 Collection

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My Lerario Beatriz Fall 2010 Must-haves (from top to bottom: Placed Bird Crystal T-shirt; Morse Code Tank Top; Morse Code Cardigan; Crystal Bird Print Tee)

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