Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Today, I'm starving for something original and fresh. I hope you are too because it's "Incredible Inventions Day!" That means I'm going to share some wild new products (in both food and fashion) I'm lovin' right now; items that you need to know about to survive the rest of summer.

Therefore, I've devised a comprehensive cheat sheet below with information on why and where to buy your new favorite toys.

Jewish comfort food doesn't always have to be hot!

Chozen: All Natural Ice Cream (Pictured above)

Why eat it: Ummm, because it's a line of ice cream based on pastries from the Jewish holidays and includes a flavor called Ronne's Rugelach. Need I say more.

Where: It's only carried in stores in New York right now, but soon you can purchase a kosher pint via It's so beschert!

How Much: $5 a pint

Nothing to Wear's "So Darn Cute" Bow

Why you should be obsessed: With like 10 weddings on your calendar and only one dress, how will you look different in all of your Facebook photos??? Girls, this is what accessories are for--they can easily add pizzazz to an outfit making it look different every time. Don't believe me? Try a fun, never-seen-before hair accessory, such as this amazing vintage partytime bow from's Black Label couture collection. I love this sequins and satin number for its sophisiticated 80's look and the fact that it can easily spice up that little black dress you'll be wearing throughout your nuptials marathon.


How Much: $300

A Pimpin' Grill
Disposable Grill

Why use it: No mans...that's ok, they usually use too much butter and overcook everything any way. This single-use grill I read about in Bon Appetit's July issue is completely female friendly because its a simple, stylish no-fuss mechanism that you dispose of and recycle when you're done. All you need is a match, as it already comes with charcaol, and poof! you're on your way to grilling up an amazing plate of grilled salmon and veggies on your balcony.

Where: for stores

How Much: $5

For da Bombs
Matchsticks: Double Stick Tricks for Smart Chicks

Why they're a must-carry-around: First off, they come packaged in a cute, compact matchbook. Second, they can perform during any occasion; an unruly bra strap slipup or a button-down blouse that just won't stay shut due to some serious "over the shoulder boulder holders."


How Much: $10 for a book of 50


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