Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gangin' Up

I'd like to start out by explaining my two inspirations for today's post. The first is the high-fashion, British-born super model Agyness Deyn who has started her own tell-all blog titled, naag.com. A digital playground for Deyn to truthfully document her passions, the Blog inspired me the moment I began to browse. Because of Deyn's simple design and candid thoughts, it's easy to see that she doesn't take herself too seriously. We would probably get along well as she also likes to dorkishly draw parallels between au courant trends and dated, cheesy movies (she recently wrote about Working Girl). And after reading her intelligent coined phrase for feminine goth wear, "Gang Girl Fashion," as well as seeing her clever accessory suggestions--Joom Lim's Pearl and Spike Choker and a switch blade comb--I became even more hooked. No fashion risk is too great for Deyn! She's become my muse.

The second is Margaret Zhang, founder and inspirational fashion writer for Shine by Three, an inventive Site with refreshingly new ideas proving that the young blogger of 17 is wise beyond her years. Today, she interviews Lulu in Chains, an awe-inspiring new label from Australia that epitomizes the goth glamour look and radiates with Galliano-ish heat. I can safely say I'm in love with all of designer Shadi Tambrchi's pieces, but if I had to choose two, I would say the Modest Vanity dress and White Idulgence dress. Both go so well with dark nail polish, slicked back hair and vampire blood lips (I have an amazing suggestion for the perfect one below).

I hope you enjoy discovering your rebellious side today with some "Gang Girl Fashion" suggestions; Blake Lively (pictured above) nails this look in Esquire's February 2010 issue. She's definitely another inspiration!

Get dangerous with the following (from top to bottom): Joom Lim's Pearl Spiked Choker; Lulu in Chain's Modest Vanity Dress; Lulu in Chain's White Indulgence Dress; Mac's Lipstick in Russian Red; Topshop's Bow 2 Tone X Body Bag; Miss Me's Electro-X Platform; Veda's Creeper Leather Jacket.

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  1. I have to go check out Agness Deyn's blog! It sounds awesome :) I love the first dress, it's gorgeous!
    xox cathy.


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