Friday, July 23, 2010

Dolce Vita for Target? I mean....Dolce Vita for Target!!!!!

Well, I can't believe I was about to set up a tent for this Saturday's Decades Two Shoe Extravaganza because I'd much rather save my mallows and fire-starting skills to camp out in anticipation of Dolce Vita for Target's shoe line, which hits most stores late August, according to The Cut (New York Time's fashion alert site). Some serious hardware and faux leather and chicness is coming to a store near you. East Harlem gets 'em first...what? Why?

I mean look at theses babies...for $30 to $40. I haven't even gotten my tan on yet and now I'm ready for fall. Who's with me?

(Photo: Courtesy of Target)


  1. Oh I just heard about this! The flats look really cute, I wonder if they're comfortable? Can't wait for them to hit the shelves!


  2. My god, I live in Australia and this is absoloutley killing me! I think without those boots I'm going to die a little inside. Lovely blog x

  3. WOOHOOO! Dolce Vita for Target!! can't waitttt.
    lovely blog by the way :)

  4. cool post, you have an awesome blog!

  5. Hopefully I will get to a target in time once these shoes come out before these things are sold out.... The designer brands at Target go SO fast! Great post. Cannot believe it's already time to start looking for Fall boots.



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