Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Desert Ready

At the risk of going back to my clichéd catch phrase and an almost always clichéd subject...I'm starving for a Vegas trip! I know there's one somewhere in my future, but I'm insatiably craving the 110-degree heat, overly sweetened frozen vodka lemonade, cheap pick-up lines, poolside stilettos, dancing 'til the wee hours of the morning and that Sunday trip to McDonalds for french fries to ice down the pain of hip dysplasia from pretending to be Lady Gaga and the depression that sets in when it's time to reluctantly drive (or fly) back to reality.

Because I'm almost crying from my desperation to see that Luxor light that shines like a beacon of freedom, telling me it's OK to pretend like I'm 21 again, I'd like to rub even more salt in the wound and bring back my very favorite desert fashion spread. Not to worry though, it's from Elle in the late 90's, so I promise that all of the outfits you're about to see are totally wearable present day. I constantly yearn for the day my six-pack comes back (yeah right) so I can recreate Heidi's mid-drift look pictured above and flaunt it poolside at the Hard Rock or my new favorite, Wet Republic at MGM.

And, if you're craving a cheap thrill fast like I am, try mixing up a batch of vodka lemonade (recipe below) to serve at the impromptu pool party you're having this weekend! This recipe packs the perfect punch of sour and sweet, and is something I mastered when I lived with my two guy friends, hosting packed house parties almost every weekend. I slightly tweaked its original ingredients, quickly removing the triple sec and grenadine to make it a more unisex offering. The concoction turned out to be a huge hit as it supplied guests with ongoing, pleasant and harmless buzzes.

So cut some bangs and rock an oversized, tied-up Hermes blouse or a Chanel wire cup bikini top with boyfriend jeans for that effortless cowgirl look that Heidi was born to wear. And for goodness sakes, go to a thrift shop for a vintage, worn-in cowboy hat--no one wants to look at your ugly, store-bought Corona one. I hope I've inspired you to dress with a little more classy when shakin' your tail feather in Sin City! See you there!

Vodka Lemonade Punch

(Serves 10)

150 oz. vodka (SKYY or Absolut)
70 oz. 7-Up® soda
40 oz. lemon juice
10 lemons
Sweet and sour mix
7.5 cups sugar

Pour vodka, 7-up and lemon juice into a large Gatorade cooler filled with ice. Slice lemons, add, then add sweet and sour mix to taste. Add sugar and stir well.

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  1. Hey!! Such a cool post!! You definitely nailed the chic camping look below!! I love those shoes!! Back to this post :-) I adore Heidi in these picture..the first one is my favorite!! And thanks for sharing the receipe...I'll give it to my alcoholic friends! lol...kidding! xoxoxoxoxoo


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