Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bare in Mind

 (Photo: Pink is the New Blog)

There's so much negative attention and bashing that has resulted from Blake Lively's cleavage reveal at Comic-Con this past weekend, but every one's failed to notice (beside how amazing her breasts look...I mean give the girl a break; the adorable bombshell is being compared to Pamela Anderson) is how hot she and Ryan Reynolds look together. I do have a soft spot for Scarlett Johansson since her role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but Lively and Reynold's just look so ravishing together. I'm not trying to be a home wrecker or anything like that, but what gorgeous children a couple like them would make. Filming for Green Lantern commences in March--could they be the next "Mr. and Mrs. Smith?"

And about the cleavage; Blake is twenty-two years old and has been blessed with perfect breasts. Whoever keeps saying that she is baring too much is just jealous. All the power to her because if I looked like that, you bet I'd be showing them off.  I'm glad she's celebrating her voluptuous self in lieu of an emaciated frame.

With that said, let's congratulate Preen for an intriguing fall 2010 collection, one that relishes the feminine figure. It is pretty apparent the London-based label wants its customers showing off what "mama gave 'em" due to the array of cut-out dresses and silky, clinging fabrics. Frankly, I'm obsessed with the line as it's slightly punk-inspired and sexy without going overboard...each piece offers just the right amount of skin-baring potential.

Lively in Preen at Comic-Con 2010; Lively and Reynolds at Comic-Con 2010

Looks from Preen's Fall 2010 Collection

 (Photos from: nymag.com)


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