Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get into the Groove

Here's a fun trivia question to launch today's posting: what superstar culinary personality is playing in the background on the television in the first half of 1985 chick flick, Desperately Seeking Susan?

If you're an 80's fanatic like I am you'll know the answer right's Julia Child. And if you recall, The French Chef also appeared in The Money Pit and in the early 90's cult favorite, Don't Tell Mom the Baby Sitter's Dead, showcasing her cake-frosting skills.

Child was a sous chef in every kitchen in America back then. Therefore, I'd like to share her Chocolate Mousse recipe with you from "The Way to Cook" cookbook, which was released in 1989, to get you into the groove of no-bake desserts.

And to get you excited about making this iconic dish, have a looksie at genius fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth's "Morning Beauty" spread below; an artistic ode to the late great "Material Girl" Madonna (the one I miss dearly). You would think with all the lace, leather and chunky jewels happening these days, someone else would have tried to recreate this spread today, but I think they're intimated by Unwerth's uncanny ability to capture the young pop star's untamed essence the first time around back in 2008 when she originally shot it for Art + Commerce.

Let's start the show!

(all photos by Ellen Von Unwerth for Art + Commerce in 2008)

Julia Child's Chocolate Mousse

8 oz Sweet or semi sweet baking chocolate, melted with 1⁄4 c Strong coffee
3 oz Unsalted butter (6 Tbsp)
3 Egg yolks
1 c Heavy cream (make sure it's the heavy variety)
3 Egg whites
1⁄4 c granulated sugar

Whipped cream (optional)

Beat the soft butter into the smoothly melted chocolate. One by one, beat in the egg yolks. Beat the cream over ice until it leaves light traces on the surface.
Beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks. While beating, sprinkle in the sugar by spoonfuls and continue beating until stiff shining peaks are formed.

Scrape the chocolate mixture down the side of the egg-white bowl, and delicately fold in the whipped cream. Turn the mousse into attractive serving bowls.

Cover and chill several hours.

You may wish to decorate the mousse with swirls of whipped cream, or to pass whipped cream separately.
(Recipe from Julia child from The Way to Cook/Published by Alfred A. Knopf, inc.)

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  1. I love anything Madonna inspired! And chocolate favorite! Good combination! ;)


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