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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Greasy and Beautiful

(Photo from hollywood-diecast.com)

I always say, if I ever bought myself a turbo-powered rocket car (AKA a hottie patottie Carrera), I'd make sure it was candy apple red. Why? Well, because I love the classic color; it simultaneously channels both St. Elmo's Fire and Grease, two very important films in two very important decades, both of which I would give anything to take a wind-blown road trip through.

And that's just what Giuseppe Zanotti does with his new Fall/Winter 2010 campaign...he takes us back in time to the last scene in Grease, where Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson sing and dance their way through the Rydell High school carnival for a chance to win....a new car!!! And a trip to the moon (at least I think that's where the greaser couple is headed off to).

I'm loving every moment of Zanotti and photographers Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin's genius, nostalgic day dream. They complete the vision with Polish beauty, Anja Rubik, who's clad in shiny black Lycra, kitten heels and perfectly painted on cat eyes, all while posing atop a vintage Alfa Romeo, invoking the irresistible "You're the One that I Want" Sandy with a smidgen of Marilyn.You almost forget about the featured heels because you're too busy humming the tune, but then gasp....look at those babies (and that clutch)....almost as dreamy as Zuko's pelvic thrusts.

And now that I'm caught up in everything 50's inspired, I'd like to recap the authentic diner experience I had with my best friend last night. The two of us ventured out to Jennifer Weiner's book signing at Vrohman's in Pasadena and had a ball pigging out at the famous Pie 'n Burger beforehand. The burgers (mine cooked medium rare and my bestie's charred overnight) were fabulous, but only second to my childhood splurge spot, Apple Pan--there's just something about the worn-in scent of its leather stools, good ol' Manny's smile, the special lathered-on-with-care relish and the comfort of knowing that the Westside Pavillion is just across the street that sends me into a heavenly orbit. Photos of the event follow the fashion spread, below. Vegetarians beware!

(Photos from trendhunter.com)

And, here I am! It's chow time at Pie n' Burger in my new Chloe glasses, vintage necklace and J. Crew sweater.

Here's my bestie and I with acclaimed author, Jennifer Weiner. Yay! If you're not familiar, she's the author of "In Her Shoes" and "Good in Bed" to name a couple. Probably one of the funniest women I've ever met.


  1. omg...GREASE LIGHTNING!!!!!! These pics are SPECTACULAR!!!!! Love them all...especially that leopard clutch and that black leather western vest (in pic 2)!!!! AMAMAMAMZING!
    The Beckerman Girls


  2. Pie n Burger + Jennifer Weiner = the perfect evening. Great post. xo Em

  3. Omg, Anja is wayyyyy pretty, she fits the part so well!
    This isn't my favorite GZ campaign.. But I do like it a lot!


  4. haha, great post! Keep 'em coming!


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