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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Blue

 (Photo via stylist.com) 

"I'm Blue, Da Ba Dee Bub Ba Dye, I'm need of a guy..." You remember that techno beat from one-hit-wonder, Eiffel 65, back in the late 90's, right? And making up lyrics for it, right? I feel like it's going to be one of those songs that comes on K-Earth when we're schlepping our kids around ten years from now and we'll spontaneously start singing along, reminiscing about our carefree high school days when we sipped Midori Sours and crushed on guys named things like Allen and Jake.

I thought this was the appropriate hook for my posting today, as I'm discussing the fashion world's current fascination with all shades of blue! The sudden outbreak of faded denim work shirts sparked the craze and now there's a huge desire for blue nail polish, blue mascara, blue accessories and my favorite, blue furnishings. This weekend I'm headed off to the mall for Bobbi Brown's new denim-colored mascara from her freshly launched Denim and Rose line; no 80's prom eyes here. I'm not quite sure Ke$ha's blue lipstick (pictured above) is gonna be a hot button--personally I think it's a fashion blunder--but who knows where this new trend will take us. I mean I really hope I don't end up looking like I have an ongoing case of frostbite this fall.

Catch a case of the blue-s with the following finds (from top to bottom): Bobbi Brown's new Denim and Rose Collection Mascara; Tory Burch's 'Dayton' Leather Messenger Satchel; Current/Elliot's The Perfect Shirt; Silver Lining Vintage's Electric Blue Rodenstock Aviators; Room Service's Nautical Riviera Wing Chair; American Apparel Nail Polish in Malibu Green.

(Photo via nylonmag.com/nylonblog)

(Photo via nordstrom.com)

(Photo via net-a-porter.com)
(Photo via openingceremony.us)

(Photo from Roomservice.com)

(Photo from americanapparel.net)


  1. I'm starving for the TB bag. To die for!

  2. i really want to try out that denim mascara! it looks subtle enough to wear with anything, yet it has the ability to add a pop of color and fun to your everyday makeup. :)

    great post, great trend.


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours looks so great! I love all things denim, but I have to say that, even as a kid, I could never stand people who wore denim jackets with jeans ... especially if they were two different colors!! Why?! But I'm warming up to the denim chambray shirts. I think they're so cute! I'm definitely not brave enough to try blue mascara, but I'd love to see how your experiment turned out!


  4. denim mascara + blue aviators = perfection!



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