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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Dream of Jean

(Photo via Because I'm Addicted)
This weird, out-of-the-blue obsession with denim used to bore me to tears, but now I'm hooked...hooked on finding denim pieces that stand for much more than a pair of everyday pants or shorts.

I'm currently on the hunt for statement denim articles, ones saucy enough to wear without any jewelry whatsoever. Whether it's Tsubi's rolled up shorts (pictured above), a bleached sun dress or a bewitchingly perfect lingerie set sexy enough to wear while taking a moonlit horseback ride, I'm dreamin' of denim. Ain't no one gotta a cure for what I got running through my head.

Guys and girls, I hope you like my picks.

Roxy's Shore Bet Denim Dress; Diesel's Sdolpy 00lyr shirt for men; Topshop's Denim Lace Bra and Bottom; American Archive's Vintage 80's Acid Wash Spandex jeans; Thrifted's Vintage Light Denim Star Button-up Chambray Shirt.

(Photo via luckymag.com)
(Photo from Diesel)

(Photo via luckymag.com

(Photo from American Archive)
(Photo from Thrifted)

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