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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Worshipping Kristen Farrell

Even though some of her pieces are a bit too Angelina Jolie for my blood (no pun intended) I admire NYC-based jewelry designer Kristen Farrell's exceptional ability to play to the vampire trend...in a good way, I swear. Her goldsmith work goes unmatched and her names for her pieces are even better. I'm questioning whether Farrell had "True Blood" on the brain mid design.

Jewelry never had so much sex appeal until Farrell rose up from the beautiful depths of the artistic underworld. Her diamond and sapphire dagger-shaped 'Nympho' necklace, which comes in platinum or gold, would look perfect on Sookie, while her 'Wolverine' ring encrusted with amethysts would be too hot to handle on Jessica.

As you can see, the designer's pieces are truly for those in touch with their sexuality. No wonder Bethenny Frankel-Hoppy loves it all so much! Let the worshipping of Kristen Farrell's collection commence.

From top to bottom: Wolverine ring, Nympho necklace, Dagger earrings, Mystical Talon bangles, Angel Wings ring, Farrell Tags necklace.

(All photos from kristenfarrell.com)

To inquire about any of her pieces, click here for more information.


  1. oh i love love love the rings xxx

  2. kristen farrell is AMAZING!! i am obsessed with her jewelry, she is so talented

  3. LOVE the talon bangles and wolverine ring best. Love how her pieces are edgy, but still feminine. Great post.


  4. I love Kristen's jewelry. She is such a rock star!

  5. Hello, Kristen here.

    Thank you for the lovely blog post, and thank you all for your kind comments!

    I really enjoy creating unique fun pieces, and hope everyone likes them too!


  6. that ring is amazing!


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